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Original price 14,900.00 ฿
Original price 14,900.00 ฿ - Original price 14,900.00 ฿
Original price 14,900.00 ฿
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Current price 13,990.00 ฿
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Product Code 250472428000
Size W89 x D42 x H181cm
Materials MDF
Weight 73kg
Warranty 5Year
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size Packing 1: W31 x D91 x H44cm
Packinh 2: W40 x D91 x H44cm
Package Weight 74kg

A kitchen board with plenty of storage space and storage capacity.
The upper stand has a wide open part and a board door specification that hides the contents and stores it neatly.
The lower platform has orthodox drawer storage and a sliding table that is perfect for steaming kitchen appliances.
Perfect for placing rice cookers and other things.

Full range of functions that provide peace of mind in the event of an earthquake.
Seismic lock: When it shakes, the door (upper platform) is locked, making it difficult for objects inside to jump out.
Earthquake-resistant shelf dowels: Even if it shakes, the shelf does not come off easily.
Sloping shelf: the shelf is lowered to the back side, difficult to slide forward.

The counter top is resistant to scratches, heat, and dirt (light brown: EB floor sheet, white: enamel UV paint).

Rails with high durability that make it easy to put in and take out items in the back.
The first and third stages use rails made by the global manufacturer Hettich. It is a bottom receiving structure that distributes and receives the load of the drawer, and it is a fully open type that makes it easy to put in and take out the back items.

【Detailed size (approx.)】

Upper door
inner dimension (left): Width 1× Depth 3× Height 54cm Shelf: 37 shelf
size: Width 31× Depth 1× Thickness 54.35cm

Movable pitch: 1 cm / 5 steps Inner dimensions of the door (right): Width 3.3× Depth 25× Height 5cm Shelf
: 37 shelf size: Width 31.1× Depth 25 × Thickness 5.35
Movable pitch: 1 cm
/ 5 levels

Open space: Width 3× Depth 3× Height 83cmHeight to small shelf: 41.60cmSmall shelf inner dimension (left): Width 43×Depth 5×Height 54cmSmall shelf inner dimension (right): Width 23.15×Depth 26×Height 5cmOutlet: 23W / 15 outletHeight

to open space: 1500cm

Lower platform
left drawer inner dimension 2st level: width 85× depth 1 × height 40.36 cm8nd level: width 5× depth 2 × height 40 cm (effective inner dimension 36) cm 14rd row: width 20× depth 3 × height 40 cm upper right open slide inner dimension: width 36× depth 21 (maximum 30) × height 35 cm
Outlet: 37W / 74 outlet
lower right door inner dimensions: width 33× depth 1500× height 1cm