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Product Code 250842073500
Size W19 x D26 x H22cm
Materials RATTAN
Weight 0.3kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type Self-PickUp
Package Size W19 x D26 x H22cm
Package Weight 0.55kg

●A rack for ample storage just by attaching it with a magnet
●A storage space can be created just by attaching it to the side of the refrigerator or a kitchen panel with a magnet
●Can also be attached to a wall using the included wood screws
●Movable partitions If you use , you can store not only kitchen stock but also medicines and cleaning sets by category.

Load capacity (approximately)

[Walls on which magnets can be attached]
●A flat surface on which magnets can be attached
●Steel walls
*The magnet on the back of the main unit may stain the installation surface if it is installed for a long period of time.
The magnet cannot be removed from the main unit, so if you are concerned about color transfer, we recommend placing a piece of paper between the wall and the magnet.

[Walls to which wood screws can be attached]
- Board walls
- Printed plywood (where there is a horizontal sun on the back side)

[Walls to which wood screws cannot be attached]
- Gypsum board
- Plaster
- Fragile walls such as mortar -
Thin plate walls of 5 mm or less
- Concrete blocks・Hard walls such as bricks
・Tile and tile joints

[Compatible size (approximately)]
Compatible with refrigerators with a depth of 50 cm or more (does not include the door)

Body/Partition: Steel (powder coating), magnet

Wood screw x 2

[Handling Precautions]
●Do not install in places where doors are opened and closed. Please note that the product may fall due to impact, resulting in injury or damage.
●Do not use on curved surfaces. Doing so may cause the product to fall and cause injury or damage.
●When attaching a magnet to a steel surface, rubbing it too hard or leaving it attached for too long may cause the magnet to become discolored or scratched, so please change the adhesive surface regularly.
●Depending on the shape of the wall surface and the location where the product is stored, it may cause scratches or damage to the installation surface.
●When using wood screws, check the strength of the mounting part and the texture of the wood screws from time to time.
●Some items cannot be stored depending on their size and shape.
●Do not store valuables, fragile items, dangerous items, or wet items.
●Never store items that exceed the load capacity.
●Please note that even if the product is within the load capacity limit, a large impact may cause the product to fall, resulting in injury or damage.
●Do not use in direct sunlight, fire or high temperatures.