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Product Code 250773123400
Color mocha
Size Width 50 x Depth 220cm
Materials PVC
Weight 4.2kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type Self-PickUp
Package Size Width 50 x Depth 220cm
Package Weight 5kg

When I cook, I go back and forth between the sink and the stove... Are your feet tired from standing all the time?

The important thing there is
It 's a kitchen mat !

"Floor mats for kitchens that are particular about stepping comfort"

1. Less tired feet
2. Good familiarity
3. Easy to clean!

The top is a regular Nitori kitchen mat with cushion material, and the bottom is a "floor mat for kitchens with a focus on comfort". We used to sell mats with cushioning materials that are said to prevent fatigue, but we have added a mat that is about 1.5 times as thick as 1.5 cm !

When you touch it, it is slightly harder than a normal cushioned kitchen mat. You may think that a softer regular mat will gently wrap your feet, but when you actually stand on it, you will feel a different sense of security due to its thickness . When you leave the mat, it looks like the following image.

Proof that it fits. *It will return to normal after a while. If you sink too much, your feet will become uneven, making it difficult to move around in the kitchen, making it unsuitable. It turned out that this thickness of 1.5 cm is the best for both "ease of use" and "hardness to get tired" .

Body pressure dispersion effect

"Body pressure dispersion effect" has the effect of reducing fatigue by preventing strong pressure from being applied to only one part of the body . This [extremely thick] kitchen mat has this effect, which is important even for bed mattresses!

This is true even when compared to a 1cm thick cushioned kitchen mat. You can see that there are few yellow and red areas with high pressure . This is a technique that can be done because it is extremely thick. Nitori's product development staff has actually repeatedly tested and commercialized it, so we can recommend it with confidence!


The appearance of the kitchen mat is also important. This mat does not feel the thickness of 1.5 cm and fits in the kitchen! The secret is the gentle cut on the edges . The thickness gradually increases, so you won't trip over when walking. The robot vacuum cleaner also climbs smoothly. * Furthermore , since it is a vinyl material, it adheres to the floor and does not slip easily .

Color and Size

Available in 2 colors, beige and brown, that match any kitchen, and 4 sizes. · 50 x 90 · 50 x 120 · 50 x 180 · 50 x 220 (cm) You can choose according to your home kitchen situation, such as using only around the sink, or using two pieces of different sizes for an L-shaped kitchen.

Easy to clean!
repel moisture

Easy to clean ! It repels moisture, so you can simply wipe off the soy sauce that tends to stain! The mat protects the floor from scratches caused by glass soy sauce dispensers . Coffee powder that is clogged and difficult to remove with a cloth mat can be cleaned simply by sucking it with a vacuum cleaner.

*Please be careful not to leave it on. There is a possibility that the floor surface will be discolored or the resin of the mat will stick to it. About twice a week, wipe the floor and mat and dry them before using.

●Thickness 1.5 cm makes it easier on your feet to prevent fatigue
●By dispersing body pressure, the burden on the soles of your feet is further reduced.
●Easy to clean just by wiping.

■Material: Vinyl chloride resin

■(Not washable)

*Handling precautions
●There are steps on the mat. Be careful not to stumble.
●If this product is left on the floor for a long period of time, or if wax, chemicals, water, etc. adhere to the floor surface, the floor surface will be discolored, or the resin of the product will adhere to the floor surface.
Be especially careful when using vinyl chloride or after applying wax to new flooring. Be sure to wipe the floor and dry it completely about twice a week, and dry the mat well before using.
●If the mat or floor gets wet, wipe it off immediately. If left unattended, the mat will become damp, causing problems such as mold and warping of the floor.
●If the floor is wet, it may cause slipping, so please wipe it off when laying the mat.
●Do not step on the mat vigorously. (The mat may slip and fall. Be especially careful with children.)
●Do not use near a fire or in a hot place.
●This product cannot be washed. If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a cloth soaked in lukewarm water or a neutral detergent.