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Product Code 250722550900
Color blue
Size Width 185 x Depth 240cm
Materials Nylon
Weight 2.75kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type Self-PickUp
Package Size Width 132 x Depth 187cm
Package Weight 3.5kg

Nitori's "strong" cooling sensation (N Cool Super) rug is colder than the standard. It is smooth and comfortable even when you lie down or walk barefoot. Sanitary with antibacterial and deodorizing treatment. It's also washable and easy to dry.

Cool and cold 'strong' cooling fabric

The outer fabric has a 'strong' cold feeling to the touch and is cool and cold. Urethane is used for cushioning, and it feels comfortable and refreshing whether you are sitting or lying down.

Fluffy and soft to the touch

The urethane foam slowly sinks into your body, giving you the comfort of being wrapped in a soft and fluffy texture. The antibacterial and deodorant function makes it safe to use even with bare feet.

Non-slip backing

The back side is made of mesh fabric that is highly breathable and does not trap heat. The dot pattern of vinyl chloride resin is non-slip.

Antibacterial and Deodorant

Effective in reducing odor bacteria

In addition to "antibacterial and deodorant processing" on the product, the processing that has been given "antibacterial processing" is the antibacterial and deodorant processing of Nitori.

Difference from antibacterial deodorant: Antibacterial deodorant can suppress the growth of bacteria, but it cannot be reduced, and it will increase little by little.


Approximately 2.8 tatami mats (approximately 185 x 240cm)

[Nitori's cooling sensation (N Cool Super)] Outer fabric

Antibacterial and deodorant (outer fabric) Antibacterial
treatment (outer fabric)
Water absorption and quick drying ( outer fabric) Non-
slip treatment (Lining fabric)
Highly breathable mesh material (Lining fabric)

Table fabric: 100% nylon
Filling: 100% polyester
Lining fabric: 100% polyester Non-slip vinyl chloride resin
Hem (edge): 100% polyester