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Product Code 250895812700
Size W9.5 x D9.5 x H13cm
Weight 0.19kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type Self-PickUp
Package Size W9.5 x D9.5 x H13cm
Package Weight 0.19kg

● Cold / heat insulation
● Vacuum insulation structure that does not condense easily and does not get hot
● You can put a cup of iced coffee from a convenience store
* Regular size only
● Heat from the outside is difficult to transmit to the inside, so both cold and warm food ● Maintain a good drinking temperature.

[Full water capacity (approx.)]
490 mL

[Type of material]
Stainless steel

[Size (approx.)]
Diameter 8.8 × Height 12 cm

[Other specifications]
● Microwave oven: Not available
● Dishwasher: Not available

[About care]
● Do not boil this product.
● Do not soak and wash.

【Handling precautions】
● Do not leave hot objects in the hands of small children.
● Do not leave it in the state of the drink for a long time.
● Do not place in places with high temperatures, such as near fire.
● Do not drop or bump it to give it a strong impact.
● Be careful not to burn yourself if you put hot objects in it.
● The amount of hot drink should be about 1 cm below the spout.
● Do not add dry ice.
● Please refrain from carrying it with precision equipment such as computers, mobile phones, cameras, and valuables.
● Please refrain from using it in a moving car. Doing so may stain the inside of the car or clothing, or cause burns or accidents.
● Do not put in the freezer.