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Product Code 250898801700
Size W35 x D22.5 x H39cm
Weight 1.3kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Need to Assemble
Assembly Time 5mins
Delivery Type Self-PickUp
Package Size W39 x D25 x H13cm
Package Weight 1.5kg

●With a ball chain that allows water to flow to the bottom
●With a convenient cutlery pocket
●Drain rotates 360 degrees

*Depending on the size and shape of the dish, it may not stand up.

[Size (approx.)]
Width 35 x Depth 22.5 x Height 39cm

[Load capacity (approx.)]

Body: Steel
Tray: Polypropylene
Cutlery Pocket: Polypropylene
Leg cap: Thermoplastic elastomer

[Care instructions]
Care should be washed regularly with a neutral detergent for kitchen use and wiped off well.
●If the water is not wiped off well, a white powdery substance will stick to the product. However, there is no problem with performance or sanitation as it is solidified trace elements in tap water.
● Do not use metal scrubbers or polishing powder. It may be damaged and cause damage or rust (corrosion).
●Do not leave the product with dirt containing salt or acid, or store it in a humid place. It may cause rust (corrosion).
● Regularly clean and dry the tray. Water scale may adhere or cause rust (corrosion).

[Handling Precautions]
●Please use in a horizontal place. It may fall over and cause damage.
● Do not place extremely heavy objects on the product. It may cause overturning or damage.
*Please do not place heavy objects on the upper shelf. When you put it on each stage, please put it so that the weight is even.
●Do not apply excessive force. It may cause deformation or the welded part to come off.
● When storing the cutting board, place it gently. Doing so may cause you to fall.
●Do not place near fire. It may cause deformation or fire.
●Do not leave the product in contact with dissimilar metals such as iron. It may cause rust (corrosion).
● Do not repair or modify the main unit. Doing so may cause injury or damage.
●Do not leave the tray filled with water. Water scale may adhere or cause rust (corrosion).
●When placing dishes, do not stack them too tightly or place them too strongly. It may cause breakage of fragile tableware.
●Do not move the main unit with tableware inside. It may cause overturning or damage.