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Product Code 250850090500
Size W27.5 x D30 x H3cm
Weight 0.14kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type Self-PickUp
Package Size W14.5 x D3.5 x H36.5cm
Package Weight 0.28kg

● Easy to install and remove just by hanging it on the door
● Can be used in a closet (folding door type)
● Can be used indoors with the door closed, so it can be used

with air conditioning
● You can hang 5 shirt hangers
● You can
hang a little
● Because it can be folded compactly when not in use, it can be

stored neatly
● Comes with a protective sheet (large and small) to prevent scratches
* Please avoid using it with
fittings that are easy to scratch.

[Corresponding size]
● Gap between door and closet fittings: 3 mm or more
● Door / closet thickness: within 4.4 cm

[Load capacity (approx.)]
3 kg

Pillar: ABS resin

Arm part: Polypropylene
Metal fittings: Stainless steel
protection sheet: Synthetic rubber

[Handling precautions]
● Please be careful when opening and closing doors and closets during use.
● Please avoid using it with fittings that are easily scratched.
● Please avoid using it on glass doors.
● Depending on the structure of the fittings, it may not be possible to hang the metal fitting hook, or it may not be possible to close the door while it is hung. Please avoid excessive use.
● Please use after fully checking the installation strength of the door / closet to which this item is attached.
● Do not use with a load capacity (3 kg) or more or in an unstable installation situation, as it may cause damage to the door closet or injury due to the fall of this item.
● Do not use if the material on the surface of the door or closet may discolor when touched by wet wash, or if there is a risk of color transfer.
● Please avoid using it in places with high temperatures, such as near fires and stoves.
● When hanging and removing laundry, be sure to hold the main body with your hand to prevent it from falling.
● In the unlikely event of a fall, please be careful not to place objects underneath or use it in areas where small children enter and exit.
● To prevent accidents, remove this item from the place of use and fold it for storage after use.