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Product Code 250850210500
Size W206 x D1.7 x H19cm
Weight 0.36kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type Self-PickUp
Package Size W10.5 x D7 x H42cm
Package Weight 0.51kg

● The frame can be stretched to any size you like ● Large laundry such as sheets and blankets can be hung out to dry ultra-slim ● You can effectively use a narrow space ● The pinch that opens wide makes it easy to fit thick laundry

● It can

be folded and stored compactly. ● The pinch can be
moved freely ● It is convenient
for drying small items when it is shrunk ● Because it uses an aluminum frame, it is light and durable, rust-resistant and can be used
cleanly ● It opens and closes horizontally, so it is difficult to
get caught in the pinch ● The distance between the rod and the frame is short, so when drying long laundry, Convenient
when drying on a low clothesline on the balcony of an apartment ● If the pinch is damaged, you can
replace it with your own pinch * When replacing the pinch, please use a pinch using a round spring.

[Number of pinches]
24 pieces

[Size (approx.)]
Unfolded: Width 206 × Depth 1.7 × Height 19 cm
When folded: Width 10.5 × Depth 34.3 × Height 19 cm

Hook part, joint part, pinch: Polypropylene
Frame: Aluminum alloy
Spring: Steel wire
Screw: Steel (plating)

[Handling precautions]
● This product does not have a square corner hanger shape.
● When drying wide sheets and blankets, be careful not to touch the floor or ground.
● Depending on the drying method, the frame may lift up under the weight of the laundry when fastening the pinch.
● The hook of this product is compatible with rods with a diameter of 30 mm or less, but it does not have a fixing function to the rod, so it may slip sideways due to wind, etc.
● Please hang all 4 hooks on the rod and use it.
● Due to the nature of aluminum, it is vulnerable to acids and salts, so please take care of it frequently such as wiping it after use.
● Do not use near fire or in places where it is directly exposed to hot air, such as a bathroom with a dryer.
● Do not use outdoors when it is windy.
● Do not lift or move the hanger by holding only the tip of the frame while the hanger is straightened out.
――When this product is straightened out, the joints are clicked and lightly fixed. If you want to shrink it, fold the joint and remove the fixation.
● If left outdoors for a long time, the color will fade and deteriorate quickly, so please store indoors when not in use.
● The plastic part of this product deteriorates as it is used.