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Product Code 250898799900
Size W58 x D11 x H19.5cm
Materials STEEL
Weight 1.1kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Need to Assemble
Assembly Time 5mins
Delivery Type Self-PickUp
Package Size W12.5 x D4 x H62cm
Package Weight 1.2kg

●Stove gaps can be used effectively
●Since the shelf board opens upward, the gas main valve can be opened and closed while installed
●With a hole for the gas hose to pass through
●Can also be used as a rack around IH cooking heaters and built-in stoves
● Convenient for temporary storage of cooking utensils and spices

[Assembled by customer]
● Phillips screwdriver required

[Compatible size]
Gap behind stove/heater: approx. 11cm required
●Stove/heater: compatible with approx. Depending on the size and shape of the gas stove, IH cooking heater, or built-in type stove, it may not be possible to install.

[Size (approx.)]
External dimensions: Width 58 x Depth 11 x Height 19.5 cm Shelf surface
height: 18 cm

[Load capacity (approx.)] 5kg

[Heat resistant temperature]
200 ° C Please note that rubbing may cause scratches.
●If there is dirt, be sure to remove it. It may react with iron and discolor the product.
● Do not leave the product in contact with dissimilar metals such as iron for a long time. *It may cause rust to occur.

● Wipe off any dirt or moisture on the product with a soft cloth moistened with diluted neutral detergent. Next, wipe off the detergent solution with a cloth soaked in water, and then wipe off with a soft dry cloth before using. If you leave it attached for a long time, it will cause rust.
●Do not immerse in water.
● Frequent maintenance is recommended to prevent rust, mold, slime, and discoloration.
● Do not use chemicals such as thinner, benzine, bleach, etc., as they may damage the finish.

[Handling Precautions]
● Avoid unstable locations, and install on a flat surface.
●Please use gas appliances after confirming that the gas hose is not bent, twisted or crushed when installing. There is a risk of incomplete combustion of gas appliances or gas leakage. It may also cause fire or burns.
● Do not place the product where it will be directly exposed to the heat of a gas stove, the exhaust port of an oven, or an IH heater.
●Do not bring the product close to fire.
●Do not touch the product during or immediately after use as it may be hot.
●Do not place combustible or combustible items, heat-sensitive items, or items larger than the shelf on the product.
●Even within the load capacity limit, a large impact may cause the product or stored items to fall, resulting in injury or damage.
● During use, periodically check that the screws and joints of the frame are not loose. If looseness occurs, use a Phillips screwdriver to tighten it firmly.
●Do not use in direct sunlight, fire or high temperatures. It may discolor, melt or burn.