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Product Code 250894222800
Size W29.8 x D29.8 x H6.5cm
Weight 0.62kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type Self-PickUp
Package Size W29.8 x D29.8 x H6.5cm
Package Weight 0.62kg

● Light and easy-to-handle ultra-lightweight frying pan
● Easy to store because "the handle can be removed"
● Diamond coating
that does not stick
● When cooking, washing, and storing, it is easy to handle with less burden on your hands
● Mirror polished finish that shines even if you put it on the table as it is

* Please be sure to use the special detachable handle (TORERU) sold separately for the handle.

[Quality indication]
● Surface processing
Inner surface: Fluoropolymer coating film processing
● Material type
: Aluminum alloy
Beam bottom: Stainless steel (13% chrome)
(Bottom thickness 2.7 mm (including the bottom of the beam))
● Dimensions: 28 cm

[Other specifications]
● Oven: Only the main body can be used
● Dishwasher: Not available
● Microwave oven: Not
● Metal spatula: Can
be used
* However, please use a smooth one with rounded corners.

【Handling Precautions】
● Adjust the preheating and heating to "medium heat" or lower, and do not preheat for more than 30 seconds. In particular, IH heaters of 3 kw or more have very strong thermal power, so be careful. Doing so may cause deformation or burns.
● Do not use on the stove or in the microwave. Failure to do so may result in a malfunction or fire.
● Please refrain from using it for tempura dishes. Doing so may cause burns.
●Please refrain from emptying. Doing so may cause burns, fire, peeling of the surface work, or deformation.
● Do not leave this product in contact with dissimilar metals such as iron. Doing so may cause rust to occur.
● Do not leave it in a state where the dirt has not been sufficiently removed. Do not leave the dish unattended in the pan. The surface resin treatment may peel off or become lumpy.