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Original price 64,900.00 ฿
Original price 64,900.00 ฿ - Original price 64,900.00 ฿
Original price 64,900.00 ฿
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Current price 57,990.00 ฿


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Product Code 250114943000
Size W164 x D98 x H100cm
Materials Leather (cowhide) Synthetic Leather
Weight 70kg
Warranty 5Year(s)
Assembly Type Need to Assemble
Assembly Time 30Min
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size Packing 1:
W86 x D100 x H101 cm
Packing 2:
W86 x D100 x H101 cm
Package Weight 80kg

A high back that relieves the burden on the upper body even when sitting for a long time.
Firmly supports your head.

The reclining operation switch part has a USB port.
Mobile phones, tablet PCs, etc. can be charged and convenient.

Since it can be divided, it can be carried in up to a width of 65 cm.

Three types that Nitori carefully selected with a focus on the quality of the materials.
You can choose your favorite type from thicknesses with different textures and textures.
This is a two-seat sofa/right electric/SK type.

[Surface material and care method]
Natural leather (leather)
(easy to use on the skin, flexible, durable, moisture wicking, and breathable.
It also has little change in quality due to temperature differences and has excellent cold resistance. As this is a natural material, keratinization will occur and cause deterioration of the leather if care is neglected, but if you take good care of it, you will be able to enjoy the original texture of the leather for a long time.)

Care Instructions
(Special cleaner sold separately )
If the leather loses its oil content, it will crack (keratinize) easily, so you will need to clean it with a cleaner once every 4 to 5 months.)
*Make use of the natural texture Depending on the finish, the expression of the leather differs for each product.
You can enjoy the finish unique to natural leather, such as the color, leather expression, and natural marks.

Synthetic leather
(mainly PVC (vinyl chloride leather), PU (polyurethane), and soft leather).
It is strong against water and dirt, and its low price is also a major feature. Soft leather brings the flexibility and durability closer to leather.

Cleaning method
(If it gets dirty, it can be easily wiped with water, so you can easily clean it. If the surface gets dirty, you can use a neutral detergent to clean it.)

[Seat spring and features]
S-shaped spring
(This is the most common spring, with S-shaped wavy springs arranged in parallel on the arch.)