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Original price 57,900.00 ฿
Original price 57,900.00 ฿ - Original price 57,900.00 ฿
Original price 57,900.00 ฿
Current price 47,990.00 ฿
47,990.00 ฿ - 47,990.00 ฿
Current price 47,990.00 ฿
Mattress Delivery:
Subject to stock availability or will have a lead time up to 3 months.

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Product Code 250231030000
Size 170 x 197 x 36cm
Weight 78kg
Warranty 30 years
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time 5Min
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size Packing 1: Width 86 × Depth 200× Height 23 cm
Packing 2: Width 86 × Depth 200 × Height 23 cm
Packing 3: Width 33 × Depth 33× Height 179 cm
Package Weight 82kg

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*Please note that this video has audio.

* The image uses a single size.

In pursuit of ideal sleep, it is a "normal" type mattress developed by Nitori developed by the "N Sleep" series. With the support of 3 layers of pocket coils and fluffy cushioning, it firmly supports the body and supports a comfortable sleep.

With an overwhelming number of springs in a three-layer structure, this is the highest rank mattress with excellent durability and pressure dispersion.

The coil supports the body at points and fits according to the line of the body. It exhibits excellent pressure dispersion that does not exert pressure on a specific part of the body during sleep, and realizes a comfortable sleep with less burden on the body.

The combination of soft urethane and corrugated urethane provides a soft and comfortable sleep. The upper coil has a smaller coil diameter and a larger number of coils for better fit and support.

The higher the numerical value of the contact area, the larger the support area of the mattress and the better the pressure dispersion.

The support of the three-layer pocket coil and the soft cushioning support support a comfortable sleep.

By distributing body pressure, you can achieve a comfortable sleep with less burden on the body.

* Only mattresses are sold.

The knitted fabric with a highly elastic surface is always clean with anti-odor, anti-mite and antibacterial functions.

Separate mattress (upper and lower 2 parts)

Since it is divided into two parts, the upper and lower parts are lighter than ordinary mattresses, making it easier to rotate. Regular rotation will help your mattress last longer.

Since it is divided into two parts, the top and bottom can be easily replaced.

Topper only compression roll packaging.
It can be used immediately after opening.
* It may take 2-3 days to regain the original size.
* Once unpacked, it cannot be recompressed.

This one is queen size.
* This is a single sheet type.

* Thickness about 36 cm (the part that is most swollen is measured)

■ Surface fabric Knit fabric
with high elasticity [Filling]
● Topper surface: cotton (15 mm), soft urethane (10 mm), Soft urethane (20 mm), non-woven fabric, soft corrugated urethane (35 mm)
● Topper back: non-woven fabric, felt, soft urethane (5 mm), cotton (5 mm)
● Bottom surface: cotton (5 mm), soft urethane (5 mm), non-woven fabric, soft urethane (10 mm)
● Bottom back: non-woven fabric, Soft urethane (5 mm), cotton (5 mm)

[Number of springs]
Topper 2430 + upper 992 + lower row 728 pieces = 4150 pieces

[Spring wire diameter]
Pocket coil spring
Bottom wire diameter
upper row: 1.4 mm alternating arrangement 6 rolls lower
row: 1.8 mm alternating array 5.5 turns

[This product can be exchanged within 30 days from the delivery date]
If you are not satisfied with your mattress,
we will replace it with another mattress within 30 days of the delivery date.
* The customer will be responsible for the increase fee and shipping fee at the time of replacement.
Limited to products used with bed pads, BOX sheets, etc.