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Product Code 250755076100
Size W75 x D63 x H12cm
Weight 1.7kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type Self-PickUp
Package Size W22 x D22 x H40cm
Package Weight 2.12kg

*Please note that this video has sound.

Point 1 : The curve that fits the body supports from the head to the back without gaps

It fits your head, neck, shoulders, and back without creating any gaps, so it supports your body over a large area and disperses your body pressure.

Point 2 : Reduces the burden on the support body with 7 points

Supports firmly with 7 points and disperses body pressure
on the body during sleep.

Supports the head, neck, shoulders, and back in a wide range and disperses body pressure

* Illustrations and photos are images.
* Measured with a body pressure distribution measuring device manufactured by ABW in Germany (according to our research)

Point 3 : Low-resilience urethane and knitted fabric

Excellent comfort with elastic knit fabric and low-resilience urethane!

Low-resilience urethane with excellent shock absorption and body pressure dispersion. It is difficult to concentrate the burden on one place, fits gently on the head and neck, and flexibly changes the shape according to the body shape and sleeping posture, leading to a comfortable sleep.

It is a stretchy knit fabric that does not feel tight and
has good body pressure dispersion.

Point 4 : Height adjustable with 2 types of urethane

Two-layer structure with adjustable height.
Easy adjustment just by inserting into the back!

Point 5 : The cover has antibacterial and deodorizing treatment, and the sides are made of breathable mesh.

The cover surface fabric is antibacterial and deodorizing.
By suppressing the growth of specific bacteria, it suppresses the generation of odors.

※The image is an image.

● 7 points to firmly support and reduce the burden on the body
● By supporting the large size, it fills the gaps between the body and disperses the body pressure on the shoulders, neck and back during sleep, reducing the burden on the body. increase.
●2-layer structure with adjustable height
●Antibacterial and deodorant processing (cover fabric)
●Washable (cover)

■Pillow height: adjustable
■Pillow firmness: normal

outer fabric: 100% polyester
lining fabric : 100% Polyester
Gusset: 100% Polyester
/ Body
Outer Fabric: 100% Polyester Lining
Fabric: 100% Polyester
Filling: Urethane Foam
/ Height Adjustment Seat
Side Fabric: 100%
Polyester Filling: Urethane Foam

■ Machine washable (net used) *Cover only