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Product Code 250898094600
Size W55 x D80 x H0.8cm
Materials SILICONE
Weight 0.52kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type Self-PickUp
Package Size W6 x D55 x H6cm
Package Weight 0.57kg

● Protects the worktop from scratches and dirt
● Prevents
dirt, stains, and scratches on kitchen countertops such as artificial marble and tiles
● Because it is made of silicone, it is easy to cook because
it does not slip even if you place a cutting board or bowl on it
● Anti-slip processing

● Translucent type
● Can be cut freely with scissors

[Size (approx.)]
55×80 cm
* The product size may shrink slightly due to the nature of the material.

[Heat resistant temperature (approx.)]
* Heat insulation is not possible. Pots and pans that exceed the heat resistance of the installation surface cannot be placed.

[Other specifications]
● Dishwasher: Not available
● Microwave oven: Not available
● IH cooker: Not available
● Oven: Not

[How to use]
● Use with the uneven side down.
● When using for the first time, wash with water or mild detergent.
● Remove dirt and dust from the place to be laid cleanly and dry well before use.
* If dirt adheres to this product, it may cause mold or discoloration.

【Care Instructions】
● If it gets dirty, wash it well with a neutral detergent and dry it before use.
● Do not use bleach or alcohol.

【Handling Precautions】
● Do not expose the product directly to fire or use near a fire. Doing so may cause deformation or discoloration.
● If water or oil adheres to this product, it may slip.
● Do not put hot pots on it. Doing so may cause discoloration of this product and the installation surface.
● Do not apply sharp objects such as knives. Doing so may cause tearing.
● At the beginning of use, there may be a smell peculiar to the material. If you are worried, dry it in the shade for about half a day in a well-ventilated place. The smell is reduced.
● Made of highly safe material, but do not put it in your mouth.
● Do not use on vinyl chloride sheets such as flooring, soft materials, printed surfaces, painted surfaces, coating surfaces, etc.