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Product Code 250854015400
Size W93 x D23.5 x H3.3cm
Materials STEEL ABS
Weight 0.75kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type Self-PickUp
Package Size W27 x D2.5 x H66cm
Package Weight 0.75kg

● Space can be used effectively
● The extended part can also be stored on the shelf

[customer assembly]
● No tools required

[Installable width (approximately)]
63-93 cm

[Depth (approximately)]
23.5 cm

[Load capacity (approximately)]
Overall: 10kg

Pipe: Steel (epoxy resin powder coating)
Resin parts: ABS resin, EVA resin Screws /
metal fittings: Steel (plated finish)

Install on a place with sufficient strength, such as a wall or thick board.
●If it is unavoidable to install the unit on a weak wall, we recommend that you select a location where crosspieces run through the base of the wall and reinforce it with a cover plate or the like.
●Please use within the stretchable range shown.
●Do not install near a fire, in a place subject to high temperatures, or on or around heat-generating appliances.
● Tighten the screws firmly. Insufficient tightening may cause the shelf to fall.
● Install the shelf horizontally (parallel to the floor).
● In order to equalize the crimping force (mounting force), rotate the two grips evenly.

[Handling Precautions]
●Please inspect each part of the product before use. Please stop using if any abnormality is observed.
●Do not use in direct sunlight, high temperature, or high humidity such as a bathroom. (It may cause deterioration or rust.)
●Be sure to use the product within the indicated load capacity.
●Distribute the load so that the load is not concentrated in one place.
●Abruptly applying a load, pulling strongly, shaking, or hanging down may cause a fall or injury.
●In case of emergency, do not place, hang, or place dangerous items, valuables, or items that may be damaged on the product.
● Deodorants, air fresheners, cosmetics, hair styling products, acidic detergents, alkaline detergents, oils and fats, and organic solvents (benzine, thinner, etc.) may cause deterioration. Please remove the adhering hot water immediately.
● Wipe off dirt with a neutral detergent diluted with water, and after wiping off so that no detergent remains, wipe off with a dry cloth. If you polish it with a scrubbing brush or polishing powder, it will be scratched.
● Scratches on the surface of the pipe may cause dirt to permeate and rust to occur.
●Due to the characteristics of resin parts, deterioration occurs due to adhesion of oil and ultraviolet rays.
●Antirust oil may adhere to the pipe. There is no problem in using it, but it may stick to your clothes, so please wipe it off before using.
●Please check the installation condition regularly 2 to 3 days after installation and once a week.