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Original price 33,900.00 ฿
Original price 33,900.00 ฿ - Original price 33,900.00 ฿
Original price 33,900.00 ฿
Current price 29,990.00 ฿
29,990.00 ฿ - 29,990.00 ฿
Current price 29,990.00 ฿
Mattress Delivery:
Subject to stock availability or will have a lead time up to 3 months.

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Product Code 250202652000
Size 97 x 197 x 36cm
Weight 45kg
Warranty 10 years
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time 5Min
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size 0 x 0 x 0cm
Package Weight 48kg

A mattress of the highest grade in the N Sleep series, with a three-layer coil structure that provides excellent durability and pressure dispersion.

The ideal sleep The N-Sleep series of mattresses is developed by Nitori and features three layers of pocketed coils that provide support and fluffy cushioning for a comfortable night's sleep.

This mattress is the highest ranked mattress in the N Sleep series, with the overwhelming number of springs in the 3-layer pocket coil structure, and excellent durability and body pressure dispersion.

This is a mattress with the highest grade of the N Sleep series.

The coils support the body at a point and conform to the lines of the body. The coils support the body at a point to conform to the body's lines, providing superior pressure dispersion that prevents pressure from being applied to specific areas of the body during sleep.

A three-layer coil structure with alternating coil densities in the upper and lower sections of the bottom and alternating mini-coils in the topper section. The topper section also has an alternating array of mini coils.

Soft urethane and corrugated urethane are used for a soft and comfortable sleep. The urethane foam that surrounds the outside prevents shifting and shifting.

The stretchy knit fabric on the surface is deodorant, tick-proof and antibacterial.

Compressed roll packaging for topper only.
Only the topper is packaged in a compressed roll. It can be used immediately after opening the package.
*It may take 2-3 days to regain its original size.

Only the topper can be used immediately after unpacking.

This is a single size.
Topper surface: cotton (15mm), soft urethane (10mm), soft urethane (20mm), non-woven fabric, soft corrugated urethane (35mm)
Bottom surface: cotton (5mm), soft urethane (5mm), non-woven fabric, soft urethane (10mm)
Bottom back: non-woven fabric, soft urethane (5mm), cotton (5mm)

[Number of springs]
Topper 1395+Top 558+Bottom 416=2369

[Spring wire diameter]
Pocket coil springs
Bottom wire diameter
Top: 1.4mm alternating array 6 wraps
Bottom: 1.8mm alternating array 5.5 wraps